Blackheads was the end product of a 2010 documentary filmmaking course in Brighton for young people which explored media portrayal of refugees and asylum seekers.

Blackheads consists of 3 x approximately 5 minute short films. 
Film 1: ‘What the papers say...’ Comedy sketches and Vox Pops 
Film 2: ‘Believin’ What You’re Readin’ music video 
Film 3: ‘Karoki’s Story’ Video diary of a young asylum seeker

Watch the film HERE

Conclusion from the makers of Blackheads:

We’ve discovered that the media heavily influences people - even though it often lies!  We have learnt that some Media can’t always be trusted. It makes negative connotations about foreigners and leaves refugees at a disadvantage. They don’t care what the real story is out there they just want to sell their paper! Some papers use lies and hyperbole (exaggeration). Doing this project we learnt more about the real side of refugees and immigration. Some of us in the group who aren’t refugees didn’t know many refugees before they had made this film and heard their stories. Bad media causes a Chinese Whisper effect that distorts reality.

We want the media to be honest and to help people through their articles - not harm them. When they find something small they shouldn’t blow it out of all proportion. We’d like it to be more truthful. We want equality. Less negative media footage. They should interview refugees and asylum seekers. Give them a voice to say how it really is!




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