Love Indeed

BandBazi, Love Indeed

Love Indeed went out on the road in September and October 2009 (with a final date in May 2010) and was a great success. The tour took in venues in the South East and South West as well as including three shows in Scotland. It played to packed houses in several venues and there were also a number of tie-in workshops for students at some of the college venues. A heady drama performed 20 feet in the air Love Indeed took its inspiration from Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra and the first passionate meeting between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Within both the public and private realm of these iconic characters, love and pleasure conflicts with lust and power. On a film set in Italy in 1961, two actors meet. She’s a superstar, he’s a Shakespearian actor. They have both come to make the film Cleopatra. Over 12 intense scenes the dynamic of their relationship is explored from falling in love, to jealously, infidelity and obsession. Love Indeed is a vibrant piece of new writing with a strong narrative line. Scenes from Shakespeare’s mature romance are interwoven with a contemporary love story, contrasting his sublime poetry with sparse modern text to create a piece that explores universal themes of middle aged love and relationships. Brighton’s Argus called Love Indeed “A touching and beautiful love story, drenched with a joy of performing and storytelling, which adds a cheeky hint of modernity to an ancient and enduring tale.”

Past Performances

22 Jul 2012 @ Brighton Dome




Company number: 4271844 

Charity number: 1091276