In Audrey Hepburn's Arms

BandBazi, In Audrey Hepburn's Arms

An aerial drama exploring Audrey Hepburn at the height of her Hollywood thinness, as seen through the eyes of a grieving mother whose daughter has died of anorexia.

How do you represent Audrey Hepburn on stage? By placing her in a trapeze, high above the world where she can be both fragile and strong as Hepburn was in life. In Audrey Hepburns Arms uses a circular trapeze to explore the connections between female beauty and thinness.

However Audrey's beauty had its costs. Starved as a child in occupied Holland, she battled with eating disorders all through her life. She gave up Hollywood at 38 to concentrate on being a mother. Finally as an old, ill woman did she feel compelled to re-enter the media glare in her relentless campaign to bring an end to starvation in Africa.

Highly theatrical, deeply moving, using recordings of Hepburn's own voice,this aerial drama is a unique theatrical experience.

John Binnie is an award-winning Scottish playwright and director who has won three Fringe Firsts and an Independent theatre award.

Philippa Vafadari had an extensive career as an actress before going to circus school 9 years ago and becoming a trapeze artist.

Premiered at The Komedia, Brighton to a full house.

The production has toured England and Scotland.




Company number: 4271844 

Charity number: 1091276