We Say Goodbye To Alice and Nicky

Over the past year, we have had the pleasure of working with Alice Woodhouse and Nicola Clarke, who joined us this past Autumn term. They have been such a great asset to our team and they will be sorely missed by both our adult and youth circus. 

Alice has been teaching and working closely with young people both in our Saturday classes and our 'Connect' youth wellbeing project on Friday evenings. The 'Connect' sessions are part of our 'Resilient Arts' project, which aims to enhance mental health and wellbeing through the arts. Through this Alice has shared with us all her love and enthusiasm for aerial circus as well as her passion and talent for acrobatics.

Nicky has been volunteering with us over the Autumn term, teaching both our Junior and Senior youth circus. In the short time, she has been with us, she has built a wonderful rapport with the participants, introducing some great new games to play and sharing her wide knowledge of aerial. It's been an absolute pleasure working alongside her positive and encouraging outlook. 

We wish them both Good Luck in their new projects and a very happy New Year!



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