Swimming in the Persian Gulf

"Well worth dipping into" **** Alice Jones, The Independent

Have your preconceptions blown out of the water…

Take a swim on the exotic side; borrow a human book, enjoy a cinematic experience and learn about the freedom of swimming. Award winning theatre company, BandBazi bring you the woman’s view from East, West and somewhere in between. Swim into the nonsensical, radical and conservative views on freedom and choice. Swimming in the Persian Gulf is part of Dip Your Toe; a large-scale arts event, produced by The Nightingale Theatre with Brighton Fringe and The Marlborough Theatre, to take place in iconic locations across Brighton in May 2012.

A multi-media installation letting audiences peek behind the veil

Swimming in the Persian Gulf has been created by BandBazi as a specially commissioned performance event. Taking inspiration from the stories of a group of remarkable Iranian women, who have migrated from Iran to the UK, BandBazi will create an exotic antechamber where you can drop in on the human library to borrow a book or visit the mini-cinema to take in a movie. The Persian inspired bathing hut has a striking cerulean blue exterior, which stands in stark contrast to its sumptuous ruby red velvet interior and houses a multi-media performance experience that will allow audience members to learn about the true freedom of swimming.

The Nightingale’s Artistic Director Steven Brett says:

“These new bathing machines will be beautiful to look at, fun and stimulating to experience, all whilst resurrecting almost extinct structures that were once a staple of Brighton beach life. I believe in giving artists free rein and DYT is a perfect vehicle for artists to take the spark of an idea and create something truly unique inspired by these little venues and their remarkable history. It’s a producer's dream when a project becomes so much more than you imagined it could be when you first embarked on the journey, and with all the fantastic people involved, Dip Your Toe is shaping up to do just that.”

Swimming in the Persian Gulf will be appearing at the following venues throughout May:

Dip Your Toe at New Road

05 May 1:00 PM (Cinema)

Dip Your Toe at Brighton Station
06 May 2:00 PM (Human Library) 
07 May 2:00 PM (Cinema)
12 May 2:00 PM (Cinema)
13 May 2:00 PM (Human Library)
19 May 2:00 PM (Cinema)
20 May 2:00 PM (Human Library)

Dip Your Toe at Madeira Drive
26 May 2:00 PM (Cinema)
27 May 2:00 PM (Human Library)



Email: mail@bandbazi.co.uk

Company number: 4271844 

Charity number: 1091276