Running for BandBazi - My Experience

I was never a runner, never even very sporty. I was always the kid in PE balancing hockey sticks on my chin or juggling tennis balls - a circus addict even then! But one day back in 2012 I decided to sign up for a 10K run. BandBazi were looking for people to run the British 10K in July of that year to raise money for the outreach work we do and we were one runner short. So I strapped on my old, beaten-up trainers and started plodding the streets of Brighton in an attempt to get me round the 6.21 mile course.
It was my first large running event (I did walk around a 5 K Race for Life course in Cornwall when I was in my teens, but I don’t think that counts) and the longest distance I had ever attempted. I also had knee issues after taking too many tumbles in my snowboarding days. I really didn’t think I would make it round the course without my knees swelling up to the size of grapefruits and/or with my pride intact. But I did! Not only did I make it round in a reasonable time (57 mins and 50 secs) but I really enjoyed the race itself and all the training beforehand.
Although I had lived in Brighton for 5 years at that point I had never really taken the time to enjoy the city’s parks and scenic areas. Running gives you a unique opportunity to take in the life and soul of a town whilst also getting fit. In those early days, traipsing around Preston Park, I took in some brilliant sights; parents teaching their children to ride bikes, tennis enthusiasts working on their game, couples picnicking, and occasionally the odd person having a sneaky wee in the bushes. All life is here!
The race day itself was fantastic; there are thousands of people who run the British 10K each year and the atmosphere is electric. In 2012 I ran the race with 5 other BandBazi runners, together we kept each other’s spirits up whilst waiting to cross the start line and shouted words of encouragement as we passed each other in the race. We even had our own cheering section on Westminster Bridge. I enjoyed it so much I ran in the event in 2013 as well.
I am currently training for the Brighton Marathon, something that would have seemed unimaginable to me a few years ago and something that would not have been possible without those first few tentative steps in 2012. I hope that I will cross the finish line in the same way that I did back in July 2012, with a massive smile on my face.
Hannah Jarman – General Manager and 10K runner 2012 and 2013
BandBazi are looking for runners for the British 10K in July 2014. If you are interested in signing up then please contact us for more information




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